BC Vaccine Card

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The  BC Vaccine Card is up and running. For those that have not applied for one yet, it can be applied for online here. You need to provide your personal health number (found on the back of your driver’s licence, your BC Services Card, or your CareCard as shown here), your date of birth, and the date of either your first or second vaccine. From there, you will be get a digital image that you can either save on your phone or print out and carry around. For those without access to a computer and a printer, or a smartphone can contact 1-833-838-2323 and request one mailed out. Friends, families, libraries or coming in and visiting us at my office are also options. We will gladly print out a copy for you.

The card is needed to access various business and services such as dine-in restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The list of places that the BC Vaccine Card is needed is available here.

If your vaccination records are not accurate and need to be updated, you can go to the “Submit my COVID-19 immunization record” website and update it. The link is here.