July 30, 2021, newsletter

Dear Neighbour,
It is now the end of July and heading into the August long weekend. How the time has flown by. BC Day is this Monday. For over a year now, the frontline workers, the nurses, teachers, first responders and grocery store workers, to name just a few, have worked very hard in very challenging situations to provide much needed services for all of us. At 7 PM on BC Day, I am going to make some noise and show my thanks to all the frontline workers. I hope you will too. Please take the time, join in and show your support by banging your pots and pans at 7 PM on BC Day!

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Susie Chant’s monthly roundup

Sorry for the blurry photo above, but it is one of me vaccinating my husband! We are now a fully vaccinated household, and feeling safer because of it. The most effective way we can put an end to the pandemic is to get vaccinated. And two doses of the vaccine is what is needed!