June’s newsletter

Dear Neighbour,
The spring sitting of the legislature ended a few weeks ago, so I have been back home and able to go around and meet more of the community of North Vancouver-Seymour. I have been knocking on doors to find out what concerns everyone has, all while getting some steps in.It sure is hilly out there.

It is lovely getting to touch base with people after the last couple of years. The better’ish weather is also allowing us to meet up outside in fresh air. Hopefully I will see you soon, but remember our office is available via email, phone call, or by stopping by.

Ironworkers Memorial

I attended the 64th annual Ironworkers Bridge Memorial. I was honoured to meet Lou Lessard (pictured above between myself and Harry Bains, Minister of Labour), the last remaining survivor of the bridge collapse. On June 17, 1958, 79 men were plunged into the water when several spans of the bridge collapsed during construction. 18 men died in the collapse – 14 ironworkers and 4 bridge workers. One diver later died trying to recover the bodies bringing the total number of deaths to 19 in one of the worst industrial disasters in BC’s history.

No person should lose their life or their health making a livelihood.

In this short video, Lou Lessard and others reflect on the bridge collapse. It contains new and archival footage.
Credit to Ironworkers Local 97 on production of this video.

New Senior Independent Housing in Lynn Valley

Lynn Woods is a brand new social housing complex that is opening in August in Lynn Valley near the library, Lynn Valley mall, and my office.

This complex will have 106 one-bedroom units, and are designed for seniors wanting to live independently. 70% of the units will be rented to seniors earning $57,500 or less. Seniors with annual household incomes between $57,500 and $77,430 a year can apply for units here. Seniors with household incomes below $57,500 can find information about applying through BC Housing’s website or by calling 604-433-2218. And to anyone that moves in, feel free to drop into the office to say hello! It is always good to meet the neighbours!

Property Taxes are due July 4th

Property taxes are due on July 4th this year for both the District of North Vancouver and the City of North Vancouver.

BC Home Owner Grant

Starting this year, the BC home owner grant is no longer applied for through the District or the City but instead is applied for online or by phone through the Province. The basic grant amount is $570, and there is an additional grant of $275 for eligible seniors, people with disabilities or living with a spouse or relative with disabilities, veterans, or a spouse, child, grandchild, parent, brother or sister of the deceased owner. You can find out more information about the grant, if you qualify, as well as apply for the grant here or by phoning 1-888-355-2700.

92% of all residential properties are covered by the homeowners grant that lowers the property taxes on principal residence.

Homeowners 55 and over, surviving spouses of any age, as well as people with disabilities can also apply to defer their taxes. Information on tax deferrals is available here.

Low-Income Seniors and Others Grant

This grant may be available to some low-income homeowners who but for the high assessed value of their home, would have received the additional home owner grant. Low-income homeowners (defined as having an income of $32,000 a year or less including income from a shared-income partner) may qualify for a low-income grant supplement. The application form is here.

Starting July 1, 2022, Kids and teens will have free admission to the Vancouver Art Gallery!

Thanks to a million dollar gift from the April 1 Foundation, anyone 18 or younger can visit the Vancouver Art Gallery for free starting July 1st, going till it moves into its new building scheduled to open in 2027. There is an exhibit called Kids Take Over that runs until September 11th, so not only do kids take over, but they do so for free at the Art Gallery starting July 1st!
The Province is providing close to $35 million in new funding to support First Nations languages, arts, and cultural heritage revitalization programming and operations. Past colonization resulted in First Nations being rid of their culture. This is one of the steps to correct the wrongs of the past. Learn more about this here.

Government launches preparedness plan for extreme heat events

BC is adding extreme heat to its emergency response system. A heat warning will be issued when there are two or more consecutive days during which temperatures create a moderate increase in risks to public health, while an extreme heat alert will be issued when daytime and overnight temperatures are higher than seasonal norms and getting hotter every day.

The  Province has also created an Extreme Heat Preparedness Guide, which provides tips and advice on dealing with extreme heat. Translated copies of the guide are also available in French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Punjabi here.

It is important to identify those people most at risk during times of extreme heat, such as seniors, people with disabilities, and those living in older apartments with no air conditioning.

The District of North Vancouver has a list of the places that will be open as cooling centres and can be accessed here. The list includes:


  • Lynn Valley Library (1277 Lynn Valley Rd)
  • Capilano Library (3045 Highland Blvd)
  • Parkgate Library (3675 Banff Crt)
Community Recreation Centres
  • Ron Andrews (931 Lytton St)
  • Parkgate (3625 Banff Ct)
  • Karen Magnussen (2300 Kirkstone Rd)
  • Delbrook (851 West Queens Rd)
So far this year, extreme heat does not seem to be our problem. This year it has been cooler than normal, but should the sun ever show its face for long, we need to be prepared.

The Royal BC Museum project has been stopped.

I support museums. They are an important part of our learning and for our economy, but this Government has heard, very loudly and very clearly, that now is not the time for this expansion. The museum belongs to the people of this province and decisions about its future should reflect their priorities. The museum will remain open this fall, and we will go back to the drawing board and work on a plan that all works for British Columbians. And thank you to everyone that shared your thoughts, both good and bad, on the proposal.

Reducing shame and fear associated with substance use

Last Fall, BC applied for an exemption from Health Canada to remove criminal penalties for people who possess small amounts of illicit drugs for personal use. Earlier this week, a 3-year exemption was granted and now adults who have 2.5 grams or less of certain illicit substances for personal use will no longer be arrested, charged or have their drugs seized. Instead, police will offer information on available health and social supports and will help with referrals when requested.

Decriminalization is not the same as legalization. Drugs will not be sold at regulated stores, and the trafficking of drugs will still be illegal. What it does mean is that people caught with small quantities for personal use will no longer be charged for possession. The risk of being arrested can lead to more people doing drugs alone. With the toxic supply of so much of the drugs, this can lead to people dying alone.

Substance use and addiction is a health care issue, not a criminal one. By decriminalizing people who use drugs, we can help reduce the shame and fear that prevents people from accessing treatment and support.

Eating healthy is important for everyone, but for lower income families and seniors, sometimes it can be more  of a challenge. That is why we have increased funding to the BC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Coupon Program, which provides coupons for eligible recipients. Now those eligible will receive $27 dollars of coupons per week for 16 weeks to help them purchase local food, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, dairy, meat and fish. The coupons can be used at farmers’ markets including the three on the North Shore (Lonsdale Farmers’ Market, Loutet Farm Community Market, and the Ambleside Farmers’ Market). For those interested in finding out more about the program, please contact the community partners at the North Shore Neighbourhood House or the Harvest Project.
As of June 1st, we have increased the minimum wage to $15.65, the highest in Canada. This will help BC’s lowest paid workers and benefit the entire province. Having a fair minimum wage is also vital for building a strong economy.

Housing for All:
Community Conversations for Housing on the North Shore

North Shore Community Resources is hosting a number of talks about housing with various experts in housing. There are two community conversations left. The next one, being held in the Lynn Valley Rec Centre, will have Andy Yan, Director at the City Program, SFU. I have listened to Andy numerous times on CBC radio and I am looking forward to hearing him in person. If anyone is interested in finding out more about attending these free conversations, click here.

Canada Day at the Shipyards!

Canada Day celebrations are back and being held at the Shipyards this year! Starting at 12 noon and going till 4, there will all sorts of things to do at the Canada Day festivities, including a First Nations welcome, local musicians, and tug and fire boat displays. Find out more here.

Now is the time to eat local!

Lonsdale Quay Farmers’ Market

123 Carrie Cates Court
every Saturday from 10 AM till 3 PM until October 29, 2022

Loutet Farm Community Market

1400 Rufus Ave

every Wednesday from 2 PM till 4 PM, and every Saturday from 10 AM till 2 PM until October 29, 2022


June is Pride month in most of BC, but July is Pride month in Vancouver with the big Pride parade taking place in Vancouver’s West End on Sunday, July 31st. North Shore Pride Alliance (NSPA) will be holding events the last week of July. Pride at the Pier wll be on Friday, July 29th. More information about what events are planned can be found closer to the time by going to the NSPA’s Facebook page here.

Nominate someone for the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Awards

Each year, the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General recognizes individuals, groups and programs that have made outstanding contributions to crime prevention and community safety, which are announced during Crime Prevention Week.

They are looking for nominations and are encouraging people to submit those they think would fall in one of the categories:

Award of Distinction: honours the extraordinary lifetime contribution and commitment to crime prevention, restorative justice, victim services, and/or community safety.

Youth Leadership Award: recognizes those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to working with youth in their communities.

Restorative Justice Memorial Award: recognizes those who have demonstrated a commitment to developing partnerships that have advanced the work of restorative justice and brought caring and respectful service to victims, offenders and their communities.

Safe Communities Award: recognizes exemplary leadership through developing innovative projects and key activities or initiatives to promote safe communities.

Services to Victims Award: recognizes exemplary leadership in providing services and supports to victims.

Emerging Leaders Award: established this year, this award recognizes an exceptional youth/young adult, age 18-30, who has made a significant impact in community safety, restorative justice, supporting victims or crime or violence, and/or crime prevention.

The nomination form is available here

It is open for nominations up until July 18, 2022!

As always, if you have questions or need any assistance with provincial supports, have questions about any provincial issue, or just want to grab a lollypop, please reach out. My office can be contacted at 604-983-9859 or by emailing us at susie.chant.mla@leg.bc.ca. We look forward to assisting you.

Take care,

June is ALS Awareness month in BC, a message in support of ALS Awareness Month & the Move to Cure ALS in British Columbia & the Yukon from MLA Susie Chant.

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The office is closed for lunch from noon till 1 PM.

Due to the nature of our work, sometimes we may be closed for meetings, or we may be out of office to attend events, so it is best to call ahead. Our phone number is 604 983 9859.

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